Why is the price so high??

Hello again, everyone! I apologize for being so absent these last few weeks!

This blog post is titled “Why is the price so high??” because that is the most popular question I am asked when we quote a price.

It is a common misconception that a photographer just schedules a date, shows up, takes some photos, toss them onto a disc and toss them into the mail. This assumption could never be more wrong.

With your one regular session you are paying for the service of us corresponding with you, scheduling your date, talking about what you expect from your session, travel time to your session, the time of your session, traveling home from the session, editing of said session, uploading images to Facebook and SmugMug, burning images to disc, getting the print release printed and filled out, packaged and a trip to the post office to mail your shipment.

But that is not all.

Let me start with this. Why do you or your significant other have a job? To pay for rent or house payments? To pay for utilities? To support your children’s sporting or dance activities? Saving back for that new car?
Let’s say you/your significant other had to work the same job for half or no pay. Are you still able to pay your rent? Your bills? Save for the future?

So when you ask, “Why is the price so high?”, just remember you are not only paying for the time and our services day of, but also making an investment in our education and purchasing of new equipment- so that your future sessions are better than the first session you had.

But that’s not all-just like your employer, you’re ensuring that we will have an electric service to edit your photos; internet service to have conversations with you and upload your images; food and running water to stay energized and healthy to lead your session or event photography; car insurance and gas money to travel to and from your session; investment in our education as mentioned above; investment in new equipment and props; keeping up to date with legal notices and insurance for your safety; and much more.

We also take a percentage from our earnings and donate to local causes, charities & events that we care strongly about.

With the little we have left over in our profit after taking out expenses and bills, we save that money (just like you do) to take a small, almost impossible vacation. We treat ourselves to a leisure activity like purchasing a new dress or a video game.

When you think a photographer is charging you too much, please remember that time you may have complained about your job not paying you enough to cover your bills. Needing to sell a personal item that you hold dear to you, whether an heirloom or gaming console to support your family. To pick up a night shift on top of your regular job just to take your family on vacation.

Photography is a service by passionate artists who want to provide quality images of your memories for a lifetime and create a relationship with you, all while sacrificing what we could have if we did not run our own business, because it’s what we love to do. We are not out to take your money for no reason- this is our job. This is our living. This is our livelihood.

Thank you all for your support! It is more appreciated than you could ever imagine!


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