Our Big Change

We are very excited to announce that we are finally changing our business name! We have been waiting a very long time to finally decide to change the name of our business!

In 2011, my senior year of highschool, I dreamt up my idea to start a photography business and named it “Victoria’s Photography”.

A few months later, I decided to make a change and call it “Victoria Lynn Photography”, incorporating my middle name.

Early 2012, I became best friends with a male friend of mine and mid 2012 we changed the name once more to “Victoria Lynn Photography & Wisor Editing”.

Originally, I was the only photographer and Andrew did a lot of my editing.

A lot of assumptions were made that I, Victoria, was the only person in the business. Or that we took the photos are the edits were done by another company.

When we were married, we started talking about the business and making it “ours” instead of “mine” and giving it a fresh look from my 18 year old self.

We hope that with the new name, Wisor Photography, it will reflect our business as a husband and wife team, and give a whole new outlook on what we do.

With that being said, our social media names are being changed as of now, but links will stay the same. I am listing social media links below based on dates they will be changed and such.

Please continue to tag “Wisor Photography” (the page), Victoria Lynn Andrew Wisor (the profile) and now the hashtag: #wisorphotography 🙂

If you have any questions about this change, please ask!
We thank everyone for their support over this whole transition! 😀


As of 7-27-16
(All will be named “Wisor Photography” but VLPWE links will remain the same.)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vlynnphotography
Twitter:  @wisorphotos
Instagram: @wisorphotography #vlynnwisorediting
Regular Website: http://www.victorialynnphotography.weebly.com
Wedding Website: http://www.victorialynnweddings.weebly.com
Family Website: http://www.victorialynnfamily.weebly.com
SmugMug Website: http://www.victorialynnphotography.smugmug.com

As of 10-2016 / 11-2016
(All will be named “Wisor Photography” but VLPWE links will be changed.)
Facebook: TBA
Twitter: TBA
Instagram: TBA
Regular Website: TBA
Wedding Website: TBA
Family Website: TBA
SmugMug Website: TBA


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